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Meet Richard Everett, RMT

richard-rmtRichard Everett, RMT, has been practicing massage therapy for approximately 25 years. Driven by a passion for helping others heal and feel their best. From a young age, Richard had an interest in healthcare , the human body, and its capabilities. This led him to discover massage therapy and its powerful benefits, as well as whole body wellness. This sparked his interest in bodywork as a career.

A Trusted Therapist With Healing Hands

After graduating from Trillium College (formerly Canadian Therapeutic College) in 1999, Richard received his massage therapy certification in 2000 and has since dedicated his professional life to the Ancaster community. After knowing Dr. Barbara for many years, his respect for her knowledge, expertise, and reputation drew him to the clinic.

Dr. Barbara is extremely knowledgeable and such a skilled practitioner,” Richard says. “I really admire her professionalism and how she runs the clinic. We make a great team.”

Integrating Techniques for Best Results

While Richard’s core training is in therapeutic Swedish massage, he has expanded his skills to include lymphatic drainage, scapular mobilizations, and reflexology. He seamlessly blends these modalities into his massage sessions based on each patient’s needs.

For Richard, the magic happens through his hands and connection with each patient. His perspective on the profound benefits of massage therapy has only solidified over his decades of experience.

He finds massage therapy to be such a powerful way to reduce pain, increase mobility, and facilitate healing. Richard counts himself fortunate to have a career helping people feel better.

While Away from the Practice

When he’s not at the clinic, Richard enjoys staying active by working out, playing sports, and video games with his teenage children. Richard also challenges himself by taking on home improvement projects. After 20 years of marriage, his wife and two children are the foundation for his life.

Experience the Healing for Yourself

Experience the power of Richard’s skilled touch. Book your massage therapy appointment today!


Richard Everett | (905) 304-8687