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Orthotics In Ancaster

A woman walking on stepsYour feet are complex structures with 26 bones and hundreds of blood vessels, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. They affect everything you do. Pain and problems in the feet can lead to dysfunction elsewhere in the body, reducing your quality of life.

Custom orthotics help by realigning feet and ankles. This non-invasive solution doesn’t just relieve pain. It also brings the hip, pelvis, and spine into balance, creating harmony throughout the body so you can function at your best.

Building a Foundation of Health

Many common conditions like arthritis, diabetes, plantar fasciitis, and bursitis can negatively impact the health of your foot. Even if you were born with perfect feet, injuries can leave you with a misalignment that causes chronic pain and dysfunction.

At Ancaster Cold Laser and Chiropractic Clinic, we’ll perform a careful evaluation and let you know whether custom orthotics should be a part of your holistic chiropractic care.

Enhanced Healing and Prevention

By evenly distributing weight across the surface of the foot, orthotics can help prevent injuries and discomfort. Many athletes and working professionals choose them because they can boost sports performance, balance, movement, and motion control, while reducing muscle fatigue.

Benefits of customized orthotics also include reduced ankle, knee, and back pain. They improve overall foot health, helping to prevent ulcers and diabetes-related foot anomalies. For some, they’re also helpful in reducing the pain of arthritis.

Improving Your Comfort

Foot pain often results from foot abnormalities. Dr. Sloat will design a customized solution to address any underlying causes, like high or collapsed arches.

If your work involves walking or standing a lot, constant pressure can lead to pain and discomfort. We’ll provide the perfect cushioning to distribute pressure evenly for maximum comfort.

We recommend this service for anyone who’s constantly on your feet, even if you feel fine for now. It’s important to prevent foot issues before they start so you can maintain ideal health long term.

Take a Step Towards Health Today

Everything we do at Ancaster Cold Laser and Chiropractic Clinic is personalized to your needs. Schedule now so we can start working towards a health solution together.


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