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Functional Medicine In Ancaster

Dr Barbara pointing to computerFunctional medicine focuses on addressing and tackling the root cause of a health condition, rather than masking symptoms with surgery or medication. We focus on achieving long-term results, relieving symptoms by responding to disease from the ground up.

At Ancaster Cold Laser and Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. Sloat and her team of functional medicine experts have years of experience in evidence-based methods of addressing the core issues that cause health problems.

We have helped hundreds of patients improve their quality of life by managing pain and even eliminating some chronic conditions.

Benefits of Care

We use a multidisciplinary approach to gain an in-depth understanding of your health problem so you can get better results. Functional medicine uses scientific knowledge and evidence-based practices to figure out what’s causing your specific health issue.

We get to know you as a person. We want to understand every factor that may influence your condition, like your diet, sleep cycle, lifestyle, and environment. Once we have a complete picture of what’s going on, we can make a personalized plan of care aimed at addressing the root cause of disease.

Our Comprehensive Approach

We often work together with dietitians, health coaches, behavioral health therapists, and other doctors, combining alternative and traditional medicines to help you reach your goals. Our holistic approach starts with a thorough physical examination, health screening, and consultation. We’ll use every resource and expert you may need to offer you more comprehensive results.

Many of our patients come in with chronic health conditions no one else has been able to help. Our team never gives up on anyone. We’ll personalize care to what you need, so you can enjoy an improved quality of life, no matter what diagnosis or symptoms you’ve been facing.

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